What a Great Birthday Present!
It is with great excitement that I can confirm my permanent employment through A+ Personnel, on my birthday no less! The support and guidance that I have received from Mary Ann, Jill and the whole A+ team has been amazing and my gratitude is immeasurable.
A+ has literally been with me through my entire professional career, even when years have passed between contact they would always keep me in mind and call me with opportunities. The relationship we formed has gone beyond business. You have played an integral part in my life and I am so thankful for your support!! – Tania – Import Professional

Pleasantly surprised!

At first, my impression of A+ was they were just another agency, but soon I realized that I was wrong. The fact is that A+ is a reliable, and responsible firm. The associates of the firm’s work efforts are highly efficient and are done with a pleasant, professional attitude. I’ve been recommending A+ to friends since 2016.
Thank you for your hard work! – Carol – Administrative Professional

Thank you A+!

It had been a torture trying to find a decent job. I had registered with temp agency after temp agency, with hopes that one of them would call with work for me. Then I stumbled upon A+ Personnel. I called and made an appointment. They sent my resume to a few places and the rest is history. One of the places we sent my resume too, happens to be my current place of employment. I initially interviewed and was hired as the part time receptionist. After only three months I was promoted to a full time position in our Operations Department! After being in that position for only five months, I was approached to take on a new title/role. I am currently the Customer Service Coordinator for the North America Region!! Chances are I would not be in this position if it weren’t for A+ Personnel. They were supportive of me throughout all of the position changes.

I have recommended several friends to A+, and I will continue to. You will never meet anyone as caring and concerned as everyone at A+.
Thanks A+!!!! – Ayesha – Customer Service Professional

Amazing job!
I want to thank everyone for the amazing job that you do. I have dealt with a couple different recruiting agencies in my career search and I have to say that A+ Personnel tops them all. Everyone is extremely professional and friendly. You know the right questions to ask from the beginning to help me find exactly what I was looking for. I have been with the same firm now for the past couple of years and I have never been happier and I owe that all to you. I hope that everyone is able to find the job that they want as fast as I was with your help. I will definitely recommend family and friends to A+ Personnel. Thank you for doing the amazing job that you do. – Dana – Executive Assistant

Go the extra mile!
Prior to being associated with A+ Personnel, I held a very pessimistic view of employment agencies which, based on my experience, advertised for positions they did not have in order to collect resumes for their databases. I no longer hold this view based on my experience with A+ Personnel which not only helped me get my current Chief Financial Officer position but Jill went the extra mile to make my experience with her agency an A+ one. – Joel – Controller

Dream job!
Jill Rowland, from A + Personnel, got me the interview for the job of my dreams. I’ve recommended A+ to many of my colleagues. Thanks again, Jill!- Gail – Controller

Saved the day!

The beginning of the year was tough. I left my job of almost 5 years for something that I thought was better. I was wrong, and was out of a job. I had heard of the agency, A+ Personnel, and I made a phone call. From the moment I spoke to the woman on the phone to the moment I came in for a quick interview, it was the best. The women who work there are very polite, and friendly. Especially Jill. She really took the time to get to know me, and helped me on a few assignments, which ultimately led to me finding one that I can now call my current employer. If you are in search for a job, and are afraid to make the call, just do it!! These ladies will get the process going, and help you out in no time. Thanks A+ Personnel for all that you have done! – Roseann – HR Assistant